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Over many years we've delivered exceptional services to thousands of individuals and organisations. We build satisfaction and excellence at work and in life. Our trainings and one-to-one work inspire, educate and motivate for outstanding well-being, performance and achievement.

What they said:

"It's changed my life", Michelle Horwood, banker, London

"The most succinct, useful and effective development training I've come across in 25 years", Michael Queen, CEO of 3i, a FTSE 100 company and Europe's leading global investment group

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Some popular services (click on links for details):

  • Development training for individuals or organisations . See below for our free 'Power to Choose' webinar. Eliminate stress, regret, worry, procrastination and self limitations; enhance confidence, power, motivation and achievement

  • Personal and Executive Coaching

  • Therapy & Counselling including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance-Action Therapy (AAT), hypnotherapy and more

  • Weight Loss (guaranteed). Click here to see a 3 minute video of Graham talking about our guarantee

  • Smoking Cessation (guaranteed). Click here to see a one minute video of a client

  • Sailing Holiday. See picture below for a video

Full list of Abicord's services for individuals or organisationsClick here or on the picture below for a two minute video of our sailing holiday in the South of France or click here for details

Click here or on the picture below for a one minute video of Graham W Price talking about his free 'Power to Choose' webinar, or see below for details:

The next free 'Power to Choose' webinar, presented by Graham W Price, introducing Acceptance-Action™ Training, the skills of Positive Acceptance™ and the Pacceptance™ Principle, is on:

  • Wednesday evening April 16, 2014; 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Click here for details and registration or contact Abicord or e-mail or call 0207 858 2241

Click on any of the links below to hear other one-minute videos of Graham talking about:

Click here to read a published article covering various aspects of our services (The 'Power to Choose training', weight loss, smoking cessation, sailing holiday). Click here for more articles

Visit our associate, Body-Mind-Training , for other services to organisations

Abicord and Body Mind Training are based in Central London and Surrey (Leatherhead), U.K.

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